Jerking 2.0



PC: Dan T. Unnamed, Garrett Sun Tsu, and AJ Endling

Tap, tap, tap. Yes, frozen solid. Can he see me? What is his name again? Well, no matter. The priestess and this frozen warrior will return to their village as revered heroes. Perhaps they will grow spines and fight the next time slavery and the slow march to death rears its head. I cannot imagine the sense of starving to give tribute or providing sacrifices. Perhaps natural selection should have been allowed to take place here. They did serve our purpose though which is something I suppose. This frozen Neanderthal also tells me that those samples above in the trophy rooms are perfectly preserved for study.

My companions continue to exhibit their foolishness. We’re in the frozen wastes, hunting a white dragon, and neither of them consider protections. If I hadn’t had protective scrolls at the ready, their heroic charge would have been rather short-lived. I suppose they did survive despite themselves, but it appears that stating the obvious has just been added to my tasks. They did demonstrate their trust in me again and we prevailed – perhaps that forgives the short-sightedness.

The tiefling puzzles me. When I entered her tent she acted as though I were there to kill her. I suspect she colluded with the wyrm yet she had the nerve to raise an eye when I informed her that I was undecided as to which side of this war I would serve. I find her negotiating weak – returning the Arcane Brotherhood’s premier scholar on the Drakhorn and she had the gall to suggest the artifacts in the dragon’s hoard may sway her brethren to side with the council. Ha! Don’t kill me, rescue me, AND give to me my captor’s treasure? Oh, the Host Tower may very well have these items returned, but they will trade secrets and power for them.

The dragon’s hoard held interesting items we can certainly utilize, but it feels light. Surely a wyrm this large has more than a couple of blades and potions? We’ll spend a few days examining the rest of the island – I’ll need to research these items anyhow before we head back to Waterdeep. We’ll keep an eye on the tiefling to be sure she doesn’t run off with something to either another dragon or the Arcane Brotherhood. Perhaps I can find the source suppressing divinations as well.

So what next? We’ll see what the council has to say. Hopefully they’ve uncovered a lead on the masks. The power they promise is real and will serve us well.

What’s that my lady? Yes, I could do that, but why… Oh, I see! Absolutely brilliant! It will be done.


Villanous Beanonline

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