Jerking 2.0

Fumbling in the Dark

PCs: Andy Saravina Dover (Iffy), AJ Endling, and Dan T. Unnamed

She was right. The writing does help me keep touch between reality and the visions. Not that I’d tell her. There’d be no end to her smug satisfaction, though I suppose she already knows. I wonder if the common man knows that mages are perhaps even more frustrated by magic than they are? Stop. Keep on point. Start with something small and tangible.

My back aches. I’m not a young man anymore. This sleeping on cold stone floors or windswept mountain passes does not agree with me. When did that happen? I’m using a shelter tomorrow for the safety no matter how tired I am. If it also brings comfort, so be it. Stop. Focus.

I narrowed our search to what appears to be a mage’s tribute to his own greatness. Either the dwarf or the mask will be here – perhaps both. It seems the white wyrm mask was taken from him by another within his own faction. Currying favor with the dragons perhaps or just a petty squabble? No matter. The conjecture is that capturing one mask will be enough to stop the summoning of Tiamat. I doubt the masks have much to do with the summoning and more to do with a strong connection or control with their respective color. If Tiamat is as evil as they say, there will likely be a mask for all of the chromatic dragons. I’d be surprised if there were ones for the metallics.

My companions are interesting although not terribly bright on the whole. Take the Dragonborn for instance. Does no one else think it odd this dragonkin shows out of nowhere as we begin our search for a piece that could supposedly stop the summoning? A servant of Helm? We’ll see. A perfect cover for a spy – slap a symbol on and dismiss all questions of your intentions. Fortunately, he is weak-willed and has already succumbed to charms from the snakemen and was almost killed by mundane undead though I gave adequate warning of their presence. If he does turn, destroying him shouldn’t be difficult.

The druid. Interesting. Quiet and reserved. Motivations? I can only speculate. I do appreciate the aloof nature of their type. They are much less likely to be corrupted by politics or harbor ulterior motives. Uncertain of her power yet. Either choose not to heal the dragonborn or ran out of magic. She did not rise to the bait from sacrificing beasts for scrying. She has restraint and understands that what is at stake is more important than a bird or rodent – impressive for their kind. Merits watching. If I were to place an agent in this party, it would be her.

The monk. Sun something. Young and headstrong. Idealistic, but quickly absorbs reason when presented with it. An absolute terror to our foes on the battlefield. Mostly cautious, but shows a brash streak that I admire while understanding it will probably get him killed. Perhaps it is foolish, but I feel he is by far the most trustworthy. If he avoids getting caught up in the political machinations of this Waterdeep council, he will be a formidable ally.

Dorkas. A likeable fellow. Capable. Almost positive he isn’t what he seems which is unfortunate. He will either be a powerful ally or foe. Mages have a terrible penchant for intrigue and scrapping for power which means he could probably be easily bought. Carries a lot of destructive power, but haven’t seen much in the way of utility. Still, smart enough to keep himself from getting overwhelmed. As with the others, he blindly follows a tiefling he knows nothing about.

The dwarf managed to get captured and his throat slit by the denizens of this gaudy hole. The matriarch attempted a bargain, but it was clear that our goals were the same so she would have required removing when the mask surfaced. Hopefully the Waterdeep fools have scrapped enough talent to extract the information from his rotting corpse. At least that was the plan until we came across his escort. A dwarf traveling with lesser devils? An impressive display of power – I’m surprised he was captured that easily by the matriarch. A quick bargain with the devils he left trapped here gave us the information we needed – the mask is not here as we were told. Value in removing a former wyrm speaker? Maybe.

Must make a note of this place for future research. Adequate scrying device and the mage that built this extended his life out several generations. A proposition I hope to study before ordered elsewhere.

We return to Waterdeep and report to the council. They are as disappointed we didn’t bring the dwarf back alive as I am with their ability to protect their charges. Stretched too thin? Then you didn’t prepare properly and the common man suffers for your ignorance or arrogance. This council to save mankind is already frayed. They haven’t even discussed demands with us. I refuse to believe that the dragons want annihilation – they are vain creatures that wish to rule. To rule, you need subjects. If the dragons offer safety and security without war, then the common folk should decide rather than trust to the self-interests of a council. Who has already turned and is withholding vital information?

The council would like us to go north to find the tiefling sage. Again, their rudimentary scrying has brought back nothing concrete. Well, good enough work until they locate one of the masks. I look around the room and know I will likely need to destroy a zealot here that can’t put their people before their own interests. Who will it be? Who has chosen themselves or their ideal before their people?

This was a useful exercise, I will continue doing it for the meanwhile. Best to destroy these scribblings and keep my thoughts to myself.


Villanous Beanonline

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